A2 is a full service creative consultancy, and experiential marketing company. At A2, we provide a unique approach to servicing clients: Rather than rely on already existing models to drive projects, we spend time understanding our clients needs, and then developing, innovative, exciting ways to solve these needs – thereby achieving success for our client, while also causing a ‘talk of the town’ effect.

We have an extensive network of talented creative and communications associates who can step in on any deadline-driven project, whether it’s a one-time special assignment, like writing a press release, or a longer, more complex project, such as developing an exciting marketing communications drive. Our outstanding creative professionals help our clients capture the attention of their target audience and express their aesthetics, message, and philosophy in the most dynamic way possible.

Our Process.

At A2, we understand that people are our biggest assets, and thus we put consumer experience at the centre of our idea development.


We listen to our clients and their consumer needs. We ask questions and ensure that we engage in an open dialogue.


We define an opportunity and approach that leads to the main idea. That idea is then broken into pieces to ensure it’s capable of driving the primary objective.


Using our developed blue print, we execute professionally with collaboration from our client. We like to ensure that our client is kept in the loop throughout our processes.


Creative Strategy

From conceptualization to brand identity design and development, we employ innovative ways to market a product/service. We develop the strategy, and are also able to execute depending on our clients needs.

Brand Activations & Experiential Marketing

Whether you’re launching a product or simply having an internal experiential event for your staff, we will develop exciting ways to engage your target audience. We pride ourselves in using simple but innovative methods to achieve maximum value for our clients.

Brand Consultancy

We manage both corporate and personal brands, taking into consideration our clients needs and budget.

Project Management

We step in on any given creative project and manage it effectively and efficiently, providing our clients with simple ways to monitor the status of their project. We implore the use of technology to allow these clients track their progress via an online web portal. In addition, we send out documented reports, letters, and important information regularly to all our clients.

Proposal Design & Development

Our team of design experts, work with your marketing team to create professionally branded templates for all of your proposal needs. Using illustrations and animation, we help you tell a visually engaging story. We are also able to flesh out your concept into a document for your business or investors.